Welcome to Grace of Christ Preschool


Our Mission

Our mission is to help children to learn to love and love to learn.  Our goal is to cultivate a Christian and loving atmosphere in which all children are accepted and loved for who they are.

Our Philosophy

Grace of Christ (GCP) Preschool is God-centered and God’s Word is integrated throughout the GOC preschool program.

At GCP, children are engaged in a combination of play-based and academic learning. Our child centered curriculum integrates literacy, math, social studies, science, the arts, motor development, social skills, and Christian values into all parts of the child’s day.  We emphasize the development of higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills, which are the foundation of every good learner’s academic ability.  Our teaching strategies are based on goals in five major areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language and spiritual.

Our exceptionally-qualified teachers understand child development and have a deep respect for each child’s unique attributes.  We take great pride in hiring early childhood education professionals who are warm and enthusiastic, who nurture and inspire, and who strive to meet the needs of every child.  Our staff members have a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and continue to study and grow in their Christian faith.  They also work closely with the Director and are encouraged to attend classes, workshops and conferences in order to stay on the cutting edge of early childhood education, whenever possible.

Grace of Christ Preschool prepared my son both socially and academically. His Kindergarten teacher was so impressed by how well he adjusted to full day school! Thank you!
— Grace of Christ Preschool Parent

Our Core values

At Grace of Christ Preschool, our philosophy and goals are best represented in our core values.  These core values serve as the foundation for our preschool and guide all that we do.

  • Community - We strive to build a sense of belonging through collaboration and connectedness.

  • Safety - We ensure an environment of emotional and physical safety.

  • Christian Identity - We share and impart the love of Christ.

  • Developmental Perspective - We create a love of learning through a balance of child-centered play-based learning and academic learning.

  • Communication - We foster authentic relationships with the community.

  • Respect - We uphold a culture of respect for self and others.